How to Extend the Life of Your Toyota

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Easy Tip & Tricks to Keep Your Toyota On the Road Even Longer

If you’re a Toyota owner, you’ve already made the best decision in choosing a vehicle that’s build to last. While your Toyota is at the very top when it comes to the most reliable cars on the market, you can still significantly extend the life of your Toyota and get the most out of your car by following some simple tips:


Adjust the style of your driving to ensure the best maximum mileage

To prolong the lifespan of both your engine and transmission, as well as brakes, drivetrain and suspension, be sure that you don’t push your car to its limits. Roads are not racetracks, and traffic isn’t your competition – make an attempt to be more conservative towards driving. Brake hard only when you really need to, shift your gears smoothly if you drive a manual, and don’t accelerate too hard if it’s not necessary. Try to use your car for smoother drives like highway driving, rather than for stop-and-go city driving. If you use your vehicle going to and from work in the city, it can be difficult to avoid stop-and-go traffic – Try instead to take local freeways or routes with fewer intersections. This kind of driving won’t just improve the lifespan of your engine, but will also significantly reduce wear on the brakes, easily allowing them reach their recommended mileage so you can save on service costs.


Toyota Service Techs Proving Service to a Toyota Vehicle

Check your car on regular basis

To keep your Toyota in top working order, don’t skip regular maintenance services at a certified service shop like Sherwood Park Toyota. Try to stay responsible for check ins and booking an appointment at the recommended interval for regular service at around 8,000km. To keep the engine running at full power and thousands of carefree kilometers, your engine oil needs to be replaced on regular basis as well. Our Toyota certified trained technicians will be happy to provide your car with these services and deliver the best care. Regular maintenance is especially important because it grants that your Toyota is always in best shape, and is a good preventive measure as an early diagnosis method for potential breakdowns. You love your Toyota – we want to keep it that way by helping it run and drive at its best!


Don’t forget your fluids

Changing fluids regularly is an essential method of keeping your transmission and brakes in optimal condition. Recommended intervals vary from car to car, so check for the best solutions at your official service shop. Fresh fluids are responsible not just for optimal performance,  but for improving the lifespan of your Toyota’s most important vital parts. Plus, checking fluid levels regularly will provide you with much needed info on your car’s health, and prevent you from getting into unpleasant situations when you might least expect them.


Antifreeze is essential

Antifreeze keeps your Toyota’s engine healthy by providing protection for your radiator, heater, and also keeps your car’s thermostat in working order. This will protect your car’s engine from both overheating and freezing, so it’s essential that you always use the best solution and have it changed regularly. Our suggested service interval is around three years, but it’s best for you to consult your Sherwood Park Toyota Service Advisor.


Regular filter changes make a big difference

Your Toyota’s oil, fuel and air filter have to be changed regularly to keep the engine running with ease. Clogged filters put more stress on the engine, which then has to work harder to keep the car going. Whenever your vehicle is forced to work harder than necessary, the stress created significantly reduces the chances of your car achieving its peak mileage and full lifespan. When it comes to filters, preventive maintenance is key. You don’t want to wait for your Toyota to exhibit the symptoms of clogged filters, as by then damage might have already occurred.


Keep your car clean, especially in winter

As basic as it sounds, regular washing and cleaning is the best way to keep your car’s paint and bodywork healthy. During the sunny part of the year, regular washing, detailing and waxing keeps the paint fresh and shiny. Also, keeping the lower parts of the car free from slush will prolong the life of your bodywork and underside by resisting chances of rust forming. In winter, road salt and snow slush are your biggest enemies as they greatly increase chances of corrosion – a quick wash will keep your vehicles frame and paint in top shape for the lifespan of ownership. When it comes to the interior, regular care of your cloth or leather seats will make them look fresh and new even if the car has passed its six-figure mileage mark, and keeping the sun from your interior will also protect its plastic parts. A dry garage with lots of airflow is the best way to keep your car protected from all elements, regardless of the time of the year.


Take good care of your tires

Choosing adequate, high quality tires for your Toyota will not only improve your safety, but will also enable the suspension to do its job properly. For the best solution regarding the perfect tire for your Toyota,  you can visit us as Toyota Tire Centre and we’ll be sure to assist you in finding the proper tires. Also, we suggest that you rotate tires at around 10,000kms to reduce uneven wear – check your driver’s manual for rotation pattern our speak with one of our Service Advisors for assistance.


A Family Getting Ready for a roadtrip in their 2017 Toyota Highlander


Added up, these minor services will make a major difference in extending the lifespan of your Toyota! Have any extra questions about what you can do to keep your vehicle running at peak performance or want to schedule and appointment? Give us at call at 780-410-2455, visit us at 31 Automall, Sherwood Park AB, or schedule your service online HERE!

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