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How to connect your Toyota bluetooth Sherwood Park Toyota

Pairing Your Phone with Toyota’s Bluetooth® System

If you have a Bluetooth® System integrated into your Toyota vehicle, you may wonder how to connect your phone when first getting accustomed to the system. Pairing your phone to your car will enable you to make hands free calls and drive safely by keeping your focus on the road while keeping you connected. The process is usually quite simple and you will find that it creates a more enjoyable driving experience. At Sherwood Park Toyota we want to help you adjust to the world of Bluetooth® so you can start enjoying your Toyota hands-free today.

How to Pair Your Devices

Connecting your phone and your car offers both safety and convenience. Your car’s Bluetooth® System can only connect to authorized devices that you have paired to your system. Only one device may be connected at a time, however you can authorize up to five devices to switch around with as desired. Here are some simple steps to connect your phone.

1. Turn on Bluetooth® on your phone by going to the settings and enabling the menu item listed as “Bluetooth”

2. Press the Bluetooth® button on your Toyota console

3. Under the Bluetooth® settings on your phone, allow your phone to scan for devices

4. Select your car to connect to and the Bluetooth® icon will appear on your car and phone

5. Your Toyota will prompt you to allow access to your contacts

Making Hands-Free Calls

To make a hands free call, you first need to ensure that your Bluetooth® is connected. Once you have connected to your Toyota for the first time, the devices should pair automatically as long as your Bluetooth ® is switched on. Next, press the hands-free- calling button on the console. Your Toyota will then ask you to say a command. Simply say “Call” followed by the name of the person you wish to call, as it is listed in your contacts, or say the number you wish to dial. We recommend that you sit upright while using hands free as the microphone is located in the headboard.

Bluetooth® at Sherwood Park Toyota

If you need help setting up your Bluetooth® device with your Toyota or have any difficulties using Toyota’s console system, our Customer Service Staff at Sherwood Park Toyota are here for you! Call us today at (780) 410-2455 or visit us at 31 Automall Rd, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0C7 to see Bluetooth® hands-free integration in action in a new Toyota.

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