Keeping Your Battery In Good Shape is Vital

Your vehicle’s battery is one of its most important parts to keep your vehicle functioning properly. If the battery begins to loses its charge, your vehicle will not start, your radio system won’t power on and all forms of lights and climate controls will stop working. It is important to stay up to date on the status of your battery so that you don’t find yourself stranded without a working battery. This is not only important during the cold months, but all year round. For all your Toyota vehicle battery services, book a service appointment or call the Sherwood Park Toyota Service Team at (780) 410-3812.

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Battery service at Sherwood Park Toyota

Car Battery Life

The life cycle of a car battery ranges from three to five years depending on the grade. The code on the cover of the battery case is its manufactured date, which is important to know so that you don’t accidentally drain your battery. An old battery can affect your vehicle even if it is still working, and driving habits can affect your battery life. In general, short trips (under 20 minutes) and long periods of inactivity will shorten the lifespan of your battery.

Battery services from Sherwood Park Toyota

How to Tell if You Need a New Battery

There are a number of ways to tell if you need to get a new battery for your vehicle:

  • If your engine is turning on but it doesn’t start or takes longer to start the battery could need replacing.
  • If the vehicle’s lights are dim or not functioning it could be a sign of an issue with the battery.
  • If climate and other functions inside the vehicle are not functioning properly it could be an issue with the battery.
  • If the battery casing is swollen and looks bigger than normal, it is a sign that the battery life is decreasing and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.
  • If the battery has a rotten smell around it, it could have a leak and needs to be replaced.
  • If your battery is more than three years old you should start thinking about replacing it.
Battery Services from Sherwood Park Toyota

Get Your Battery Service at Sherwood Park Toyota in Sherwood Park, AB

If there are any issues at all with your battery, come down to Sherwood Park Toyota and we will be happy to take care of it. We can perform a full diagnostic and provide you with feedback on its expected lifespan. If your battery needs replacing we can help you choose the best battery for your vehicle. Visit Sherwood Park Toyota at 31 Automall Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0C7 or you can give our expert Service Staff a call at (780) 410-3812 if you have any questions or concerns.

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