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If the rear trunk release is not working, it is most likely that the key was removed while the lock was in a sideways position.

If you find that the rear interior handles are not working, check to see if the child safety lock is engaged. If so, disengaging it should fix the problem.

The most common cause is that the steering wheel was used by the driver to lift their self out of the vehicle, jamming the lock in the process.

To fix a key that will not turn, move the steering wheel back and forth with the left hand while lightly turning the key with the right hand. To prevent this from happening in the future, try to avoid using the steering wheel as an aid when getting out of the vehicle.

If your shifter is stuck, it is likely that you moved the shifter before applying the brake pedal.

First, release the shifter and the brake pedal. Next, step on the brake pedal then try moving the shifter.

Most likely, the valet lock on the back of the seat has not been activated. You can access this button on the back of the seat through the trunk of the vehicle.

The most common cause of this problem is that the switch was turned to 4×4 before the clutch pedal was depressed, or that the clutch pedal had been let off while the vehicle was in the process of going into 4×4 mode.

The seat belt child restraint system (not including the driver seat) has probably been activated by pulling the belt out all of the way. To release the restraint system, let the seat belt fully retract.

The most common cause is that the power gate lock­off switch has been activated. To deactivate this switch turn on the door button on the driver side, or simply press the reset button located inside the glove box.


It is most likely that the compass is set to an incorrect zone.

To reset a mirror compass on a Tacoma push the button on the mirror and hold until the zone number appears. Enter zone 3 and hold button until C appears on mirror, and then drive in a full circle.

An incorrect process was probably performed when the vehicle was shut off.

You will need to set start in order for it to work. To set start when turning off the vehicle:

1) Vehicle must be stopped, in neutral, with the brake pedal depressed.

2) Pull the e­brake & release the brake pedal. Keep in mind the clutch pedal must also be released with the transmission in neutral.

3) Turn the key off; the vehicle should remain running.

4) With the vehicle still in neutral, exit while it is running then close the door. The vehicle will shut off and lock automatically.

There are most likely incorrect tire pressures. To fix this problem reset the tire pressure sensors, including for the spare tire.

It is most likely due to the heater being switched on to defrost mode. Behind the scenes the vehicle can turn on the A/C compressor to help pull moisture out of the interior of the vehicle, thus adding extra load to the engine (causing it to idle up 100­-200 RPM).

To fix a tire light, top up the tire pressures (including the spare tire) then reset the tire light indicator.

If you leave the gas cap loose the check engine light will come on. In order to avoid this from happening, tighten the gas cap and let the vehicle go through 20 normal cycles. The light should go off if this was the cause of the problem.

This is a feature added in the vehicle to prevent the vehicle from rolling back when stopped on a steep hill. When you are stopped, push the brake until it beeps. This will hold the brake on the vehicle while you transfer your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.

No. Cruise control only maintains a constant speed but does not have an effect on fuel mileage.

Our compass zone is zone 3.

It will start if you hold the key fob directly against the push button. Alternatively, have the battery changed as soon as possible.

Yes. In the fuse box on the driver-side wheel well there is a red cap, which is the positive connection to start the vehicle.

Vehicle models with auto mode windows require programming. Push the window switch down and hold it for 5 seconds once it has reached the bottom. Then, pull the button up until the window reaches the top and keep holding for another 5 seconds after the window has completely closed. The same process is used for sunroofs.

To release the shifter if the battery is dead, remove the small cover near the shifter and push down the small button under the cover. You may need a key or pen to release it. Then, while the button is depressed, move the shifter.

To find the tow hook on most cars locate a small cover in the tire bag, usually a square hole in the bumper face. Behind this cover is a hook that screws into a pre-threaded hole for the front or the back of the vehicle.

Yes, it is possible to shut off the vehicle slip control in some models. To do so, push and hold down the button while the vehicle is stopped. Continue to hold while it goes into VSC mode off, and the vehicle slip control mode will shut completely off.

To activate the rear diff locks, put the vehicle into low 4X4 (4LO) mode while it is in neutral, then push and hold the button until the light indicates that the diff lock is activated. The rear diff locks will automatically turn off at 60 km/hr.

On higher end Toyota vehicles there is a heater under the glass to prevent the wipers from freezing and sticking to the windshield.

Yes, but only while your car is stopped. Before starting the vehicle activate the e­brake. This will override the system until the e­brake is released.

To turn on the heated mirrors activate the rear window defrost button.

This is due to a fluctuation of the tire pressure related to outside temperature changes, often including the spare tire as it can be as little as 2 lbs.

Yes, although they will be diluted as a result of less effective nitrogen fill.

Toyota recommends 2 weeks as the maximum recommended time to leave your vehicle parked before the battery runs too low. In some cases even this can be too long.

There is a trunk release handle in the trunk of a car which glows in the dark to aid individuals, such as children, to open the trunk.

On some models it is possibly to shut off the side curtain airbags. For more information, consult ETAS (library).

There is an electric heating element (similar to a toaster) in the heater core of most hybrids. This heating element makes the vehicle blow warm air out of the vents almost instantly.

To work the Prius auto­park, read the manual fully and follow all instructions. There is also a quick reference guide in Infostream under ​Toyota Product Knowledge (2922).

You would be required to turn off the slip control if your vehicle gets stuck.

The most likely cause of a dysfunctional rear wiper is that the rear window is not up all the way.

D.A.C (Downhill Assist Control) is available in some models which helps when driving downhill in off­road conditions by completely controlling the brake and gas at a controlled speed in a safe manner.

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