Tire Showdown: Summer vs All Season

May 12th, 2021 by

The snow has melted, and you’re finally defrosting after a long frigid winter in Sherwood Park and Edmonton area. You go to change from your winter tires only to find that the tires that came with your Toyota vehicle are bald, have no tread-life remaining, and need replacing! Now you’re faced with the difficult decision between whether you want to purchase summer tires and all-season tires. While some might think this is an easy decision there are many factors that come into play when deciding on which kind of tires is best for you and your vehicle.

All-Season tires are designed for a balanced drive and performance.
A set of all season tires may be the go-to for Edmontonians who want to only run one set of tires all year round. But those who have tried, know that while all-season tires give some slight traction in light snow, they just don’t cut it in the deep snow that Edmonton gets yearly. In addition to some snow traction, all-season tires offer acceptable performance on dry and wet conditions. All season tires have thicker tread depths and softer rubber compounds that are engineered to provide decent all around performance and longer tread lift compared to summer tires. All season tires are available in many different types, from different brands, for use on any vehicle ranging from sedans like the Corolla and Camry, to SUVs like the RAV4 and 4Runner, and finally to trucks like the Tacoma and Tundra.

Summer Tires are designed for peak performance on dry pavement.
If you have a performance vehicle like the Supra or you value pure performance and driving dynamics, then a summer tire is the choice for you. With specialized tread patterns and rubber compounds as well as less grooving, there is more rubber in contact with the road, giving the driver optimal control and stability while getting maximum grip on the road in dry conditions. While summer tires give peak performance and control in dry conditions, once the pavement is wet, summer tires lose a bit of their performance benefits.

When deciding between a summer and all-season tire, always consider your driving habits, the climate you’re going to be driving in, performance and comfort needs and budget.
Sherwood Park Toyota is your destination for the perfect set of tires – our experienced parts department will take your driving habits into consideration to help connect you with the perfect set of tires for your lifestyle!

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