Sherwood Park Toyota Lease Advantage

Toyota Lease Advantage?

Lower Payments | Short-term Commitment | Always drive a New Vehicle

The Toyota Lease Advantage Program is offered exclusively through Toyota Canada. It is a competitive leasing incentive to offer more flexible agreements at lower prices. If you do not want to finance a vehicle or shoulder the expense of a brand new car, SUV, or Truck then financing is a fantastic alternative.

Stay flexible with the Toyota Leasing Advantage through leasing terms of 24-60 months you can always enjoy the latest vehicle technology and safety. Whether you want a new vehicle for starting a new job, or an expanding family, Toyota’s leasing options mean you always stay up-to-date in new vehicle benefits.

If you enjoy being able to drive a newer vehicle more frequently while paying less, the leasing is the best option for you! Exceptional Toyota quality and durability ensures that your leased vehicle will maintain a higher residual value when it’s time to renew your lease.


What if my Vehicle is Damaged?

Toyota understands that some things are out of control, and so, with every lease there is the Wear Pass option to give you peace of mind against any wear and tear that your vehicle may encounter.

But what if my leased vehicle is written off? Here at Sherwood Park Toyota we understand that life happens and so that is why every Toyota lease comes with Guaranteed Asset protection or GAP. GAP insurance is the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the balance still owed on the financing. If your Toyota car, SUV, or Truck is declared as a total loss you are covered by GAP protection.


What Happens at the End of my Lease?

At the end of your lease term you have 3 simple options:you may lease or finance another Toyota vehicle, You may purchase the vehicle at the Lease End Value indicated on your contract, or You may simply return the vehicle as provided in your lease.


Let’s Get Started

Now that you’ve explored your options and may be interested in leasing your next vehicle get pre-approved today! Fill out our simple online credit application, and it will be sent to our in-house credit and finance specialists. Once they have reviewed your application a dedicated member of the Sherwood Park Toyota sales team will contact you directly.


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