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Essential for Long-Term Vehicle Health

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Clean Fluids are Vital for Your Vehicle

Many people may take it for granted, but like the blood in our bodies, fluids in many ways are behind some of your vehicle’s most vital functions for operating safely and getting you where you need to go. Your engine, transmission and other components are made up of many moving metal parts that stay lubricated and stabilized at an optimum working temperature thanks to the use of various fluids in your vehicle.

Fluids Break Down

Over time, fluids break down and evaporate so you need to replace them regularly. Clean and proper fluid levels are vital to your vehicle’s long-term health and neglecting to exchange them can lead to catastrophic events, so make sure to keep up with regular maintenance. At Sherwood Park Toyota, our expert Service Staff will inspect all of your vehicles fluids, exchange what needs to be removed and top up what needs refilling.

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Fluid-Exchange service at Sherwood Park Toyota

We Check The Essentials

Our expert Service Team will go over all your vehicle’s main fluids to check for condition and level. This includes:

  • Engine Oil – Both oil condition and level are indicators to its health and that of the oil filter. We will inspect the condition of your oil and let you know whether it’s time for an oil change or not
  • Antifreeze / Coolant – Proper coolant levels are critical in ensuring that your engine runs at a consistent and safe temperature. We will check both its level and its blend ratio of antifreeze vs water
  • Transmission Fluid – this has to be changed less often, but ensuring your transmission fluid is in good condition is vital for smooth gear shifting
  • Brake Fluid – air in your brake lines will cause them to not function as well, we will make sure your vehicle’s brake fluid levels are optimal
  • Windshield Washer – a clear view is always essential. Windshield washer top-ups are standard to our services
  • Air Conditioning (A/C) – if desired we can check the status of your vehicles air conditioning fluid. Getting that cold air ready for summer is as easy as a trip to Sherwood Park Toyota
Engine Oil Fluid Exchange services from Sherwood Park Toyota

Do I Need My Fluids Changed?

All vehicles make use of fluids in one way or another. If you drive a conventional gasoline or diesel engine vehicle, then it is definitely a matter of when and not if you need to have your fluids exchanged. Toyota Canada recommends your vehicle visits a service bay every 6 months or 8,000km whichever occurs first. Your oil changes are due every 12 months or 16,000km. Brake fluid and transfer case fluid are factory recommended to be exchanged every 48,000km. And your coolant is factory recommended to be exchanged at 160,000km. It is always best to frequently visit your nearest Toyota Service Department to ensure your vehicle is in its best shape for any condition.


Fluid Exchange services at Sherwood Park Toyota

Get Your Fluid Exchange Service at Sherwood Park Toyota in Sherwood Park, AB

Love your car and your car will love you back, that’s what they say right? It’s definitely true when it comes to make sure your vehicle has fresh great fluids coursing through its veins. Extend the life of your vehicle and make sure you are ready for the coming seasons with a Fluid Exchange Service from Sherwood Park Toyota. Visit us at 31 Automall Road, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0C7 or give our expert Service Staff a call at (780) 410-3812 if you have any further questions regarding your vehicle fluids.

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